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Tasmania has a wealth of talented people whose passion and talent in food and wine production has created a blossoming food and produce scene here, with prestigious recognition interstate and overseas. Here at Tasmanian Gourmet Gifts we too are passionate about what we do and our gourmet hampers reflect that.

We are all about quality Tasmanian produce, supporting the small suppliers and creating beautiful food hampers and gift boxes to impress. With cost effective shipping you can send these high quality gifts to family & friends in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or anywhere else in Australia.


Tasmania’s clean surrounding waters, cool climate, fresh air, rich fertile soil and the cleanest air in the world all help contribute to this ‘Gourmet Island” producing an incredible variety of foods and amazing wines.

Because of its small size, Tasmanian food producers have focused on a range of speciality products, catering for ‘niche’ markets. Tasmania is well-known for food such as apples, cherries and berries, leatherwood honey, chocolate and fudge, olive oil, walnuts, teas, jams and mustards and you can find a range of this beautiful produce in our Gourmet Food Hampers.

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Tasmania is perfect for the production of cool-climate wines.

Wine Producers have distinct advantages in creating quality wines in Tasmania because of this climate and geography of the island.

Optimum growing conditions exist in Tasmania, where the cool climate, mild summers and long autumn days are perfect conditions for great winemaking.  Tasmania’s ideal low rainfall and plenty of sunshine for a good seven months of the growing period, allows the wines to take on a mellow, slow-matured flavour. Winemakers here have adopted world-class quality standards and the latest technology and have combined these with traditional winemaking skills and have gained world recognition with many wines winning countless awards.

We have hand picked some very special wines for our Wine and Food Hampers and offer a unique, diverse range to chose from. You can enjoy selected varieties from Moorilla Estate, Black Cow Vineyard, Stephano Lubiana, Blue Devil Wines, Mewstone and Hughes & Hughes Wines.


Wines are not the only over 18 items you can add to you gift! Tasmania’s clean and green environment is also ideal for producing superb cider, beers and distilled products and Tasmanian Gourmet Gift Hampers include some gorgeous boutique small batch items.  We love small batch, homemade and homegrown.  Willie Smith Cider, TwoMetre Tall Brewery, Mohawk Cider, Iron House Brewery and Distillery, Nonesuch Distillery and Hellyers are some of our chosen respected suppliers.

Give your family and loves ones a tantalising experience by building your own gourmet hamper to include these fine products or purchase just for yourself!

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Tasmanian lush pastures and ample supplies of good water are competitive advantages in the dairy industry. Tasmania’s dairies supply excellent milk that is the raw material for a stunning array of chocolates and other sweet products. Our Tasmanian chocolates regularly collect national and international awards and Tasmanian Gourmet Gifts has a stunning choice of chocolates in its food hampers and ‘create your own hamper section’.

Our Chocolatiers at Coal Valley Farm and House of Danvers combine world respected chocolate making skills and local produce from Tasmania’s fresh clean pristine climate combine to make supreme chocolates and fudges that are beautifully presented and purely decadent.  Port Arthur Lavender have created sublime chocolates and sweets infused with their lavender flowers and we have a wonderful selection of Fudges from award winning House of Fudge.

Sweet treats are not just restricted to chocolates! We have a lovely range of other sweets also such as meringues, rock lollies, gingerbread and nougat.


Tasmanian Gourmet Gifts has selected the famous and beautifully crafted teas from ‘Art of Tea” for our Gourmet Food and Gift Hampers.  They are award winning blends, beautifully flavoured and packaged and a fine example of Tasmanian produce excellence.

The Art of Tea is a small Tasmanian business and seek the highest quality ingredients for all their herbal and tea range. All the teas are hand packed with care, beautifully packaged and appear in our pantry selection to include in your own custom made hamper and in our selected readymade gourmet hampers.

We support our local Zimmah Coffee in Hobart with freshly roasted coffee beans and plunger grind to add to your gift.  They are, we think, the best in the business and the stylish packaging makes an impressive addition to our hampers.


Tasmanian is famous for this pure, natural honey which is sourced from the pristine Tasmanian wilderness, often from World Heritage Areas. Wellington Apiary produces world class leatherwood honey; it is beautiful, natural and the very best quality. Enjoy a slab of this beautiful pure Tasmanian honeycomb in your Gourmet Hamper or just to have in your own pantry!

Our types of honey are unprocessed and unheated, maintaining the honey’s natural aroma and characteristic crystals, producing a smooth, velvety texture that melts in your mouth!

Fry’s honey is produced in little jars just for us here at Tasmanian Gourmet Gifts and is a very popular small jar that fits in any hamper as to does the piccolo jars on offer.

Tasmanian Gin Trail

Tasmanian land and growers produce fruit with amazing flavour which attributes to the success and popularity of Tasmanian jams and fruit sauces. Tasmanian Gourmet Gifts have selected a divine range of Tassie’s best to pop into our gourmet hampers. We are lucky with our beautiful pristine environment in Tasmania, to be able to choose for our hampers products that often are preservative free, gluten free and contain no artificial colours and flavour.

‘Red Kellys’ fruit products are packed with local berries and are gluten free and preservative free. We also stock their thick decadent chocolate dessert sauce…everyone’s weakness!

Island Berries Tasmania is a producer of premium quality desserts, fruit pastes, jams, spreads, fruit syrups and thickened fruit juices. Made simply from the finest Tasmanian ingredients.

We love the home made feel that so many of our supplier keep with their produce.  Hill Farm jams and preserves still have that small batch taste and quality that makes them a truly popular brand.

We love the home made feel that so many of our supplier keep with their produce.  Hill Farm jams and preserves still have that small batch taste and quality that makes them a truly popular brand.


It’s hard to choose from Tasmania’s delicious varieties of chutneys and relishes and savoury items but Tasmanian Gourmet Gifts have selected a range that we are sure you will agree are some of the finest.

Tasmanian Gourmet Kitchen produces quality handmade products that taste delicious and have a string of awards to their name. We have selected some tasty choices for our gourmet hampers such as the beetroot marmalade, spiced pear chutney and spiced tomato and apple chutney.  Full of flavour, rich and delicious!

Tasmanian has some gorgeous locally made mustards also. We have chosen some ‘Lean to Kitchen’ mustards to showcase in our food hampers as well as some of ‘Lesley Blacks’ products including the unique chilli mustard and honey and whisky mustard. The Tasmanian Truffle is world renowned and we have the stunning Tamar Valley Truffle seeded mustard here to add that premium feel to your gift.

Lesley Black is renowned for its relishes and chutneys and we have a lovely selection to choose from in our pantry items and you will see them appear in a range of our gourmet hampers.  A favourite is the Lesley Black Country Relish, an old-fashioned, rustic preserve and a perfect companion in a gourmet food hamper.

Island Berries produce a modern, Tasmanian twist on the traditional cranberry sauce with their pepper berry and cranberry chutney. The native Tasmanian pepper berry adds an extra flavour that makes this chutney truly divine. A must have for a Christmas hamper, but truly….any hamper, anytime.